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Bar Rulers

professional bar equipment


Bar rulers

Bar rulers are used to measure the number of drinks in started bottles.

Bar rulers are our patented development since 2003.

Since then, we work non-stop to improve the quality and accuracy of the rulers.

Express Bar Inventory

As our practice shows, bar rulers reduce the time for measuring alcohol drinks in a bar by about five times.

Accuracy guarantee

For the production of bar rulers, we measure drink bottles with a specially developed machine, after which a mandatory additional control of the accuracy of each measurement is carried out using special laboratory glassware with the maximum accuracy class. 

Catch the benefit!

On each bar ruler we place 4 scales for different bottles of your own exact assortment.

For an average bar

with an assortment of 20- 40 different bottles,

only 5-10 bar rulers are enough.

10 year warranty

Over 750 drinks have been measured so far


The assortment is replenished at least twice a month. Any drinks that are not on the order form can be included in the assortment (except wines). To do this, it is enough to provide us with empty bottles of the necessary drinks.

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The production time for bar rulers is 3-5 working days from the moment the funds are received.

The cost of bar rulers for legal entities:

(the product is made with 100% prepayment within 3-6 days)

1-4 rulers (for 4-16 drinks) - 3.5 EUR/ruler (4.17 USD/ruler)

5-10 rulers (for 20-40 drinks) - 3 EUR/ruler (3.57 USD/ruler)

11-20 rulers (for 44-80 drinks) - 2.5 EUR/ruler (3 USD/ruler)

21-30 rulers (for 84-120 drinks) - 2.2 EUR/ruler (2.62 USD/ruler)

more than 30 rulers (for> 120 drinks) - 1.9 EUR/ruler (2.25 USD/ruler)

Worldwide delivery

We ship to any country.

Delivery cost to the CIS countries is 9 EUR(11 USD)

The average delivery time is within 15-30 days.


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